Total Privacy

Privacy is our primary key to provide you complete anonymous & no Dogecoin Wallet. Our system auto removes your logs data on a pre define time (60 Second). We never share any log or user data to any agency or third party under any circumstances. Dogecoin Wallet assures you about your Total Privacy. We have no control over your wallet. You're 100% in charge of your own wallet.

No Logs

Dogecoin Wallet never store any logs related to any user, except for your username, password, email, transaction history and balance. Dogecoin Wallet auto deletes user session data and IP details on pre define time (60 Second). So it’s completely no log Dogecoin Wallet. We don’t want fill our servers to dirty logs.

TOR Compatible

Dogecoin Wallet is completely TOR Compatible; you can visit Dogecoin Wallet on TOR without any delay. We provide you smooth & super fast Dogecoin Wallet experience over TOR. Dogecoin Wallet team suggest you to use TOR network while use Dogecoin Wallet to hide your location identity.

Hack Proof Security

Dogecoin Wallet never stores a single Dogecoin on Local Server, Dogecoin Wallet strongly follow Dogecoin cold wallet & Dogecoin Hot wallet features with 2048 bit SSl certificate. Our all server using dedicated firewall & our monitoring team monitor each suspicious activity. We are using latest antivirus software and anti hacking tools, so forgot about it. We provide you guaranteed hack proof Dogecoin Wallet.

Dogecoin Wallet using smart encryption techniques & all your data is stored encrypted and can only be decrypted with your password. whole encrypted data store in cloud if all of our servers were to blow up simultaneously, you'd still have access to your wallet. We never have access to your wallet Only you are able to decrypt your Dogecoin Wallet, this essentially means we'll never be able to touch your Dogecoin.

“Dogecoin Vault - securely access your Dogecoin from all over the world.”
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